How to Take Your Breakfast 🥚🍳🧀 in The Arab World? 🥗🥯

Falafel... Fava beans...Taboula... and more!

Breakfast🥗🥯🥚🍳🧀☕️ in Arab world varies dramatically from one country to another, even inside one country you could find, for example, people in Cairo🇪🇬 take different breakfast, like Fava beans and Falafel, than those who live in Minufiya, Egypt, who eat cheese🧀, vegetables🥗, and milk🥛.
Do you know that there are multiple ways to say “I ate my breakfast?”
تناولت إفطاري... I take my breakfast .... tnawlt eftary…
​أكلت إفطاري Aklt eftary…..
Personally, I ate Fave beans, cheese🧀, and eggs🥚🥚:
أكلت إفطاري فول وجبن وبيض
Aklt eftary fool,wa jubn🧀, wa byd🥚🥚🥚.

How about you? Can you describe your breakfast? Share with us and let me know if you have any questions or need any help.
نهارك سعيد
Have a good day!
مـع الـسلامة

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