Top SECRET Facts You Would Never Know Before about Arab Israeli Conflict

The 15 unrevealed secrets of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Not Only an Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Torah explicitly commands the Jews to live not only in Palestine, but also to establish a great state includes the territories of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Sinai Peninsula, and the entire Palestine.
The complete biblical boundaries of Israel State are described in Genesis 15:18 and 17:8. Knowing that the above-mentioned countries are Arab, this makes the conflict Arab-Israeli conflict more than just Israeli Palestinian.

Israel alone defeated FOUR Arab countries

In the first war between Arabs and Israelis, and shortly after the announcement of independence of the state of Israel, the neighboring Arab countries invaded Palestine to bury the newly-born state of Israel. The Arab military coalition included armies from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and expeditionary forces from Iraq.
For many reasons, the Arab armies were defeated and the Jews succeeded in insuring their newly founded state. As result, Palestine had effectively been partitioned among Israel, Egypt (which remained in occupation of the Gaza Strip), and Transjordan (which had taken the old city of Jerusalem and the territory west of the Jordan River.)

The UN Was Not Watching!

Although the United Nations tried to end the conflict peacefully, it did not make a noticeable effect on the fighting parties or on the land.
The UN issued two significant resolutions; the first was Resolution 181 shortly before 1948 war that would divide Palestine into Jewish and Arab state. The resolution sparked the first war between the Arabs and Jews within Palestine.
The second UN resolution 242 was the most effective. The historic importance of Resolution 242 cannot be overstated. Given the language of the resolution, its acceptance by the Arab states meant their implicit recognition of the right of the state of Israel to exist. Egypt and Jordan accepted the resolution almost immediately. Syria, however, did not accept it until after the 1973 War, and the PLO also initially rejected it.

Any Jew Can Become Israeli

Yes, anyone from anywhere in all over the world can become an Israeli citizen ONLY if his religion is Judaism. Israel encourages Jews to move into Palestinian territories by providing automatic citizenship, settlement housing, and financial benefits that include permanent exemption from real estate and employer’s taxes.

The American Influence

Historically, Washington has viewed Israel as a crucial political and economic ally in the oil-rich Middle East, and has provided Israel with the highest amount of financial and military assistance of any other foreign country. In addition, all the American administrations contributed to progress of the peace negotiations between Arabs and Israel.
“Yet our research shows that no other third party has the kind of influence that the U.S. has in Arab-Israeli negotiations," says Daniel C. Kurtzer, former U.S. ambassador to Egypt and Israel. "In fact, over the last 40 years, the peace process has never moved forward in a meaningful way in the absence of U.S. leadership." Kurtzer adds.
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