Arabic Conversation with Focus on Egyptian Dialect
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Improve your communication skills by learning the daily used Egyptian Arabic accent

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Arabic language Modern Standard Arabic

Instructor: Mohamed Ahmed Abdelsalam
By Effortless Arabic

An in-depth, detailed course of Egyptian Arabic. Communicate easily with Egyptians and develop interpersonal skills to share ideas, point of view, expertise, and information effectively.
More than two dialogues per lesson, listening practice, cultural videos to acquaint learners with slang and common expressions in addition to grammar explanation.

The course consists of the necessary rules that qualify learners to start speaking Arabic in Egyptian accent.
I will facilitate speaking and understanding Egyptian colloquial. More than 100 dialogues included in the entire course in addition to slang that do not exist in textbooks which make your speaking sound as a native.
The course is designed to demonstrate the easiest ways to interact with Egyptians. Cultural videos and listening clips included to acquaint learners with the common daily used Egyptian Arabic as well as improving listening skills.
The main focus will be on speaking in Egyptian accent accurately so grammar will be taken care of.
What will you learn
  • Egyptian Arabic conversations in many diverse situations from several resources.
  • Egyptian culture.
  • Egyptian slang and grammar.
It's an obligatory prerequisite to take the introductory course if you did not study Arabic before or unable to read and write in Arabic.
The Introductory lessons course teaches alphabet, Writing tips, pronunciation and transliteration, short and long vowels, cultural notes and classroom sentences.

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Duration Half hour or One hour or 45 minutes or 5 × 45-minute lessons or 5 × One-hour lessons or 10 × One-hour lesson or 10 × 45-minutes lesson or 5 × Half hour
Arabic language Modern Standard Arabic