Arabic Grammar of Qur'an and Tajweed
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This course is for advanced learners of MSA who would like to understand Qur’an and Islamic texts.

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Arabic language Modern Standard Arabic

Instructor: Mohamed Ahmed Abdelsalam
By Effortless Arabic

The course is all about advanced grammar points applied to Qur’an verses in order for students to be able to understand Arabic grammar in Qur’an contexts. 

The course also includes Tajweed rules to enable learners to read accurately. It is better to be advanced in MSA and able to understand MSA very well.
The Arabic grammar is deep. So, it is an open session course, but with perseverance and dedication you would be able to read Qur’an correctly after 10 or 15 lessons.
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Duration Half hour or One hour or 45 minutes or 5 × 45-minute lessons or 5 × One-hour lessons or 10 × One-hour lesson or 10 × 45-minutes lesson or 5 × Half hour
Arabic language Modern Standard Arabic