Essential Arabic Grammar
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This course is for students who need to have a robust knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic grammar. It covers only Modern Standard Arabic necessary grammar lessons.

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Arabic language Modern Standard Arabic

Instructor: Mohamed Ahmed Abdelsalam
By Effortless Arabic

This is not a profound grammar course about Classical Arabic, it is a course that covers the necessary grammar rules to speak MSA accurately and read correctly. 

The course consists of the fundamentals of Arabic grammar (13 sessions) and the Arabic verbs (7 sessions.)
By the end of this class, you should be able to get the plural, the dual, pronouns, demonstratives, form questions, form adjectives, know the gender, comparative and superlative, and conjugate regular and irregular verbs in past, present and future.
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Duration Half hour or One hour or 45 minutes or 5 × 45-minute lessons or 5 × One-hour lessons or 10 × One-hour lesson or 10 × 45-minutes lesson or 5 × Half hour
Arabic language Modern Standard Arabic